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“Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered you will never grow.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Market expansion ventures requires a team brands can trust and rely on. Akar is a team of innovative thinkers providing you with a combination of advisory and consulting.

For the last 25 years we have cooperated with over 50 companies, co-creating their expansion, marketing, networking, strategy.

We are responsible to society and the balance sheets of our clients.

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Expand Your Sales, Marketing, & Networking Reach

AKAR is a professional services firm committed to helping international companies to reach new customers in Slovenia & SE Europe. Our services can be tailored to support individual steps of the value chain. Furthermore, we advise companies to organize and operate their own individual value chain within and across the European markets.

Market Research And Business Potential Analasys

There are so many questions to consider when you decide to expand to new markets: Is there a demand for my product or service? Who are my target customers? What is the structure of sales channels?
We collect and prepare crucial information needed to assess just how competitive your products or services are in the potential market by offering a range of comprehensive market studies.

Market Development

If you decide that the overall market situation is favorable for your product or service offering, we will help develop your marketing plan, and start connecting you to potential end-customers, business partners, or sales channels.

Sales & Operations

Setting up a local presence in a foreign market where you have little experience can be risky. We can act as your interim outsourced sales and marketing office in SE Europe so you avoid early overhead costs. 

We are ambitious and passionate about our clients’ success

We offer extensive business development support to help them achieve their business goals. We work closely with our clients to understand their business development needs, challenges & vision

The origins of Akar for a connected world

The beginning of Akar dates to the time when Marjan Knoll – respected marketing director – transferred his knowledge and contacts to his daughter Marjana. As her father, Marjana was intrigued by design and communication, which is why Marjana created the Akar agency in 1995..

At first, Akar was known as a design agency, and later on seriously entered marketing, event management, and business consulting.

‍Today we are fully integrated business service company in Slovenia. We are proud to have worked with some amazing people in Slovenia and Europe in the last 25 years.

From the very beginning we were led by the desire to create a relations based on transparency and trust. One of our specialties is undoubtedly the extraordinary team spirit that permeates our office and manifests itself in our works.

We Worked With

What truly distinguishes them, though, is the manner in which they do it. They consistently demonstrate professionalism, judgment and an earnest commitment. I highly recommend them.


CEO, Geutebruck Adria

The exceptional administrative & marketing services saved most of our time for strategy planning and development, and to focus on our most precious asset, our clients and theirprojects. I highly recommend Akar and their team.

CEO, Enntris

Akar is a remarkable business partner combining discipline, thoroughness, and business savvy with a joyful, collegial and wise work style.


CEO, Auxdm

Accelerate your expansion with Akar